My brand-stinkin new portfolio site is up and running! I’m excited to have my own little slice of the web carved out to display my work in design, illustration and branding. My new… Continue reading

The Tattoo’d Munchkin

I did some designs for a little pop-up project called The Tattoo’d Munchkin, a modern day take on a boys version of the lemonade stand. Two creative Denver gals have taken designs from… Continue reading

ikat pattern

hello friends. long time, no post. i created this pattern recently for someone who wanted to create a wall vinyl for their house. i loved the pattern enough myself that i picked my… Continue reading

Help & Give

Just a piece I made for fun. It’s a verse I’ve been pondering since camp.


since my alphabet-a-day illustration project ended i haven’t been posting a whole lot. here is a design i did for tnl church. we believe God is calling everyone to partner with Him in… Continue reading


i made this little piece as a gift to my husband for our 3rd wedding anniversary. it’s filled with a lot of small images that represent many memories from the last few years… Continue reading

Oh, Ira

“What nobody tells people who are beginners — and I really wish someone had told this to me . . . is that all of us who do creative work, we get into… Continue reading

TNL – Swingsets and Suffering

We live our lives trying to avoid the pain and suffering we see, feel, and experience. But what if suffering was to be embraced? That pain is not a thief stealing away our… Continue reading

z is for zebra

z is for zebra and this zebra marks the end of my little illustration project. i hope you all enjoyed it. i’m sure i’ll come up with something else soon and i’m always… Continue reading

y is for yarn

y is for yarn. it is hard to follow up yesterday’s i went a completely different route today. i played with making some of my own photoshop brushes and went for all… Continue reading