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Oh, Ira

“What nobody tells people who are beginners — and I really wish someone had told this to me . . . is that all of us who do creative work, we get into… Continue reading

v is for velociraptor

v is for velociraptor. i couldn’t help but think of jurassic park today as i worked on this illustration. the raptor scenes were definitely some of the most frightening and hilarious. i mean,… Continue reading

u is for unicycle

u is for unicycle. i would never have the guts to try riding one of these, but it is pretty fun watching other people do it. anyway, this was a fun little illustration… Continue reading

t is for tea

t is for tea. late in the evening, but here is the illustration of the day! my preference is vanilla rooibos, but you can imagine whatever type of tea you’d like. cheers. brandi

s is for severus snape

s is for severus snape. today is indeed a harry potter kind of day. i’ve got harry potter and the deathly hallows (read by jim dale) playing in the background as i move… Continue reading

r is for rocket

r is for rocket. well folks. this might be my favorite illustration so far, in this series. check it out for yourselves and have a good night! xo brandi

q is for quiver

q is for quiver. i’m back and apparently colorado has decided winter isn’t quite over yet. we flew down through the clouds and landed to see the fields surrounding DIA covered in snow.… Continue reading

o is for owl

o is for owl. i feel like i’ve done owls for various projects, but i wanted this one to be a bit more stylistic. this is my take on a snowy owl…think hedwig… Continue reading

n is for nate

n is for nate. and not just any nate. nate galuzzi, cpa-by-day-photog-by-night-extraordinaire! these days, my husband is slaving away on everybody and their mom’s taxes so i don’t see as much of him… Continue reading

m is for monster

m is for monster. and this monster has sporks for hands. happy monday.