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My brand-stinkin new portfolio site is up and running! I’m excited to have my own little slice of the web carved out to display my work in design, illustration and branding. My new… Continue reading

ikat pattern

hello friends. long time, no post. i created this pattern recently for someone who wanted to create a wall vinyl for their house. i loved the pattern enough myself that i picked my… Continue reading

z is for zebra

z is for zebra and this zebra marks the end of my little illustration project. i hope you all enjoyed it. i’m sure i’ll come up with something else soon and i’m always… Continue reading

q is for quiver

q is for quiver. i’m back and apparently colorado has decided winter isn’t quite over yet. we flew down through the clouds and landed to see the fields surrounding DIA covered in snow.… Continue reading

p is for pig

p is for pig. this porky pig is dedicated to my brother-in-law, brenden. sorry it isn’t a butcher chart, but i ran out of time! cheers from d.c., brandi  

o is for owl

o is for owl. i feel like i’ve done owls for various projects, but i wanted this one to be a bit more stylistic. this is my take on a snowy owl…think hedwig… Continue reading

n is for nate

n is for nate. and not just any nate. nate galuzzi, cpa-by-day-photog-by-night-extraordinaire! these days, my husband is slaving away on everybody and their mom’s taxes so i don’t see as much of him… Continue reading

m is for monster

m is for monster. and this monster has sporks for hands. happy monday.

k is for kaleidoscope

k is for kaleidoscope. this was a fun experiment in shape and color and it kind of reminds me of a quilt design. it would be fun to make a whole series of… Continue reading

Hanson & Co.

i’m excited to show you all a website i designed that has finally gone live! when i was first approached by Hanson & Co., they didn’t even have their logo on their website!… Continue reading