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My brand-stinkin new portfolio site is up and running! I’m excited to have my own little slice of the web carved out to display my work in design, illustration and branding. My new… Continue reading

ikat pattern

hello friends. long time, no post. i created this pattern recently for someone who wanted to create a wall vinyl for their house. i loved the pattern enough myself that i picked my… Continue reading


i made this little piece as a gift to my husband for our 3rd wedding anniversary. it’s filled with a lot of small images that represent many memories from the last few years… Continue reading

z is for zebra

z is for zebra and this zebra marks the end of my little illustration project. i hope you all enjoyed it. i’m sure i’ll come up with something else soon and i’m always… Continue reading

y is for yarn

y is for yarn. it is hard to follow up yesterday’s illustration..so i went a completely different route today. i played with making some of my own photoshop brushes and went for all… Continue reading

x is for x-men

x is for x-men. there really aren’t very many words that start with x. you know the usual…x-ray, xylophone. well those would have been boring. so today i illustrated magneto and wolverine’s masks.… Continue reading

w is for whale

w is for whale. i’m planning on seeing big miracle tonight with my favorite 10 year old friend. i know those are gray whales, but i made a little killer whale for today’s… Continue reading

v is for velociraptor

v is for velociraptor. i couldn’t help but think of jurassic park today as i worked on this illustration. the raptor scenes were definitely some of the most frightening and hilarious. i mean,… Continue reading

u is for unicycle

u is for unicycle. i would never have the guts to try riding one of these, but it is pretty fun watching other people do it. anyway, this was a fun little illustration… Continue reading

t is for tea

t is for tea. late in the evening, but here is the illustration of the day! my preference is vanilla rooibos, but you can imagine whatever type of tea you’d like. cheers. brandi