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z is for zebra

z is for zebra and this zebra marks the end of my little illustration project. i hope you all enjoyed it. i’m sure i’ll come up with something else soon and i’m always… Continue reading

j is for jellyfish

j is for jellyfish. jellyfish are weird. on one hand they are strangely beautiful, but on the other…they kind of creep me out. this picture is dedicated to bobby, cameron and jackie. maybe… Continue reading

i is for iris

i is for iris. just like vincent van gogh, i love irises. i remember the iris plants that blossomed every year alongside the house i grew up in. i love that irises are… Continue reading

f is for fox

f is for fox. i know, i know…i already illustrated a fox this year. well, i am justifying the repeated subject matter with the fact that this is a very different fox! i… Continue reading